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Vampires, Mechs and Martial Arts come together in the sci-fi spectacular "SHADOWLAW"

SHADOWLAW, a comic over 5 years in the making is due out November 16th by writer/creator Brandon Easton. A native of Baltimore Maryland, Easton graduated Ithaca College and Boston University's screenwriting program, and eventually worked as a teacher in NYC public school system for over 6 years. He's been writing professionally for over 10 years. A career that began while doing articles for the Boston Herald. Easton made the choice to leave behind a solid life with good pay to pursue his dreams in Los Angeles at great personal cost. Easton broke into the comics world in 2002, his entry into comics featured working with the likes of Lesean Thomas (Boondocks and other Warner Brother's animations) on the book ARKANIUM for Pat Lee's Dreamwave Productions. Currently he is a writer for the Warner Brother's rebooted animation Thundercats and he's ready to make big waves with his personal project SHADOWLAW published by Arcana Studios. According to Easton, SHADOWLAW has taken a while to produce since finding the perfect art team that could capture the different elements of his story was difficult (he's described SHADOWLAW as a cross between anime hits Vampire Hunter D and Gundam). He was looking for a team that could handle the drawing of giant mechs, vampires and matrial arts action while capturing his artistic vision for the book. Based on the preview pages, I think you'll agree he's finally found that team in Scott Kester and Ryo Kawakami.

For more on the Shadowlaw series visit his site here or check back on the blacksuperhero site or blog for updates.

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Brandon Easston - Creator of the Comic Shadowlaw